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At Kilcooley Women’sCentre, we have the benefit of an on-site crèche, Kiddie Academy which is supervised by fully qualified staff. Members can attend their class with the knowledge their child is being well cared for, whilst still being close by.

The crèche is a bright and spacious environment and has been very beneficial for children starting playgroup or nursery, as they have had experience of a structured childcare environment. The crèche enjoys close links to the nursery school located in Kilcooley Primary School and “First Friends Playgroup”.

The aim of the Child Care Facility within Kilcooley Womens Centre is to provide a high quality learning and play environment for children from birth to pre-school. This is to support parents taking part in classes and training, to aid their career development and to support and enable their entry into the employment market. Parents can also avail of the Drop In and other activities such as the Health Development Programme and the Reading Group.

During the child’s stay the crèche staff, as well as providing a quality learning and play environment, can provide snacks such as toast and fruit. If your child is staying through the lunch period you are advised to supply a packed lunch.

During the child’s settling in period we would ask parents to encourage their children to get to know other children and staff. This will help your child adjust to new surroundings.
Do not hesitate to let the staff know if your child has any likes or dislikes which might help them settle in. If your child has any comfort toys let the staff know. If leaving the toy with the child please mark it with the child’s name so that it can be identified.

Kiddie Academy provides quality Child-Care on a sessional basis for babies and pre- school children. This is provided from:
Monday to Friday morning – 9am to 2.00pm

If you would like to find out more please contact the Child-Care Supervisor or the Education Manager on 028 91478292 or © December 20, 2008
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